Integration of textile decoration in the EPR for furniture elements – ADEME

In France, the AGEC law of February 10, 2020 notifies of the extension of the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) scheme for furnishing elements to textile decoration as of January 1, 2022.

Objectives of the study

The ADEME (French Agency for Ecological Transition) has commissioned RDC Environment in early 2021 to conduct a prefiguration study with the aim of:

  • Proposing a regulatory definition of textile decoration and a relevant categorization of products.
  • Providing an inventory of the textile decoration industry through market studies and estimating the amount of waste.
  • Providing an inventory of waste treatment processes in France and abroad.
  • Proposing collection, reuse, recycling and recovery objectives for these products.

The textile decoration industry

The market for textile decoration was estimated at 86,700 tons in 2019The EPR sector is a complex one, involving a wide variety of players: various distributors (mass retail, furniture, DIY, decoration, gardening, etc.) as well as manufacturers, wholesalers and service companies (fitting out, rental-cleaning, etc.) will potentially be affected by the extension of the EPR scheme.

As of 2022, the waste deposit is estimated at 83,500 tons.

Waste collection and treatment

The main flows represented are:

  • Curtains and drapes;
  • Carpets and rugs;
  • Removable carpets;
  • Decorative turf.
Currently, most textile decoration streams are collected marginally and are largely incinerated or landfilled. The potential for reuse and recycling in the short term is considered high for curtains. For the other flows, the potential for reuse is more limited and depends on the deployment of preserving collection, while the potential for recycling essentially concerns the metal and wood fractions. A trajectory of quantified objectives taking these elements into account has been proposed.

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