RDC Environnement | Our values
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Our values

Integrity and independence are by far our strongest values. Firstly, because we carry out objective and independent scientific analyses and our conclusions always fully reflect the results of our analyses. The data used are always treated confidentially, a key value also for our customers.


Finally, our integrity is reflected in the selection of our clients. Whether they come from the public or private sector, they will never be organisations that are harmful to the environment or society in the broadest sense.


Another of our important values is the accountability of the youngest project engineers in the realisation of studies. After a period of coaching, these junior engineers are invited to self-assess and ask for the required support from senior colleagues. This is our sense of responsibility and transmission, which is reflected in our internal operating processes.

Customer satisfaction & team spirit

Customer satisfaction is essential to us, and for this reason we are constantly seeking to improve. We are flexible, we adapt to the development of the project and create or propose tailor-made tools.

Our team spirit is evident in our collaborations during the realisation of studies as well as in our daily activities. For example, «Thursday lunches”, where everyone presents the projects they are working on. “Happy together” is another way of expressing our way of being together.


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