Our competences

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Waste Management

A complete expertise


With more than 300 studies carried out in the field of waste prevention and management, we control the entire value chain of the product and waste chains; from eco-design to collection, from sorting to material and energy recovery.


Our competences are:

  • Technical: collection and treatment or recovery methods, recyclability…
  • Economical: incentive pricing, business plan, market research, taxation…
  • Social: evaluation of inconveniences, direct, indirect and induced job creation.


Depending on demand, we prioritize different approaches:

  • Knowledge: observatories, European benchmarks, composition studies such as deposit evaluations;
  • Evaluation: audits of treatment centres, LCAs and economic analyses of techniques or projects for treatment and recycling, market and feasibility studies;
  • Planning: assistance in the definition of waste prevention and management strategies;
  • Monitoring: support for the definition and implementation of performance monitoring indicators;
  • Communication: support for the drafting of technical or environmental reports.

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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

We have developed the Range LCA software, with which our experts have produced more than 250 LCAs, which have rapidly become references.


RangeLCA allows to provide sensitivity analyses that are well superior to conventional standards, highlighting the most influential equilibrium points and parameters.


Examples of LCA types: packaged salad, electrical and electronic equipment waste (EEEW), batteries, asphalt, laptop, frozen products, waste management, cyclotron…


We have acknowledged expertise in standards and R&D projects (PEF, Water Footprint, BPX30-323…). In 2017, we also provided technical helpdesk support for the 25 pilot projects of the European Commission’s PEF/OEF Program.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”34px”][vc_empty_space height=”10px”][vc_column_text]

Sustainability Assessment


Sustainability assessment can synthesize all environmental, social and economic costs and benefits and provide comprehensive and objective information to make relevant decisions for a more sustainable world.


Our unique method integrates the three pillars throughout the entire life cycle of a product or project. A wide range of impacts are taken into account:

  • Environmental impacts: «classic” LCA indicators: climate change, depletion of resources, conservation of water resources, biodiversity…
  • The benefits of the product or service on well-being, health and comfort;
  • Social impacts: employment, nuisances, quality of life in the workplace;
  • Economic impacts: production costs throughout the life cycle.


All these effects are monetarized to assess the overall impact on the citizen. The results in euros become easy to interpret and help identify priorities.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

LCA Tools

Instant LCA™


The Instant LCA™ tools allow you to instantly assess the environmental impact of your product in order to identify areas for improvement.


These tools are based on pre-integrated, comprehensive sectoral LCA models and provide the user with an easy-to-use online interface to access the most relevant predefined eco-design parameters.



A unique solution


  • Time + financial savings: thanks to pre-integrated LCA models and default values for relevant data;
  • Instant results: graphs and tables help to clearly interpret the results;
  • Accurate and compliant: LCA models comply with ISO 14040-44 and PEF guidelines;
  • Allows communication with all stakeholders.



Packaging sector


Instant LCA Packaging™ is the tool dedicated to packaging. It is already used by many beverage and packaging companies and federations (e. g. Crown, Ball Packaging, Nestlé Waters, FEVE, Carlsberg, Fost Plus).


Unlimited possibilities


By combining RangeLCA for LCA modelling and Instant LCA™ for interface design, sectoral tools can be created, as some have done with Instant LCA™ Detergent, Instant LCA™ Pallet, Instant LCA™ Furniture etc., for example.

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