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Guy Castelan – Technical and Regulatory Affairs

“The missions that RDC Environment carried out on our behalf have all been very satisfying. Both the level of their expertise and the quality of the human relationships are noteworthy, they are certainly not simply data generators. They take the time to brainstorm with us, with a great open-mindedness, to come up with the most interesting solutions for the customer. That is certainly where they have their greatest added value.


Their approach is pragmatic, they understand the industry well and manage to turn scientifically complex things into something that is understandable and workable for us. Good human chemistry is essential in this type of mission where there is a considerable exchange of resources and this is what happens with RDC Environment.


In three words, I would describe the consultants of RDC Environment as open, pragmatic and scientific.”

Association RECORD

Bénédicte Couffignal, Director

“The missions that we entrust to them, sometimes difficult, generally run smoothly. The experts of RDC Environment are generalists and have great human qualities, what is most appreciated!


They adapt easily to the customer’s demands, they are trustworthy, of good will and helpful, they will do what they can to make everything work out correctly.


I would highly recommend them, they are leading in the field of life cycle assessment, which is their historical basis. They also have interesting advantages for the realization of European benchmarks in relation to European regulations.”

Brussels Environment

Barbara De Wulf, Deputy Director General

“Working with the experts of RDC Environment is certainly a guarantee of quality. They quickly understand the constraints, issues and priorities of the public service. They also know how we operate and how we function. Their experts are always well aware of new developments in their fields, it’s a great time saver!


In addition to their technical skills, they have the much-appreciated ability to adapt to sometimes changing planning conditions. The human relationship with them is friendly and the exchanges are made in complete confidence. Important when working on confidential data and politically sensitive files!”

FEVE, The European Container Glass Federation

Fabrice Rivet, Director Environment, Health and Safety

“We are always very satisfied with the work done by RDC Environment on our behalf. They are technically very competent, with a great concern for scientific expertise. They are flexible and open to self-examination. They are also extremely professional, for example, respecting deadlines.


I must emphasis the quality of the IT tools they have developed for life cycle assessment. Used regularly by our members, they are precise and complete, yet user-friendly. This is not always the case!


RDC Environment’s corporate culture clearly emphasizes technical expertise, scientific reliability. They also want to develop new tools, especially in the field of social LCA’s, for which standards do not (yet) exist. Same innovative approach to methodologies, for example for environmental cost assessment. These are aspects that we very much appreciate in them.”

Walloon region – Soil and waste department

Martine Gillet, deputy of the Inspector-General of the Soil and Waste Management Department

“I am very satisfied with the work of RDC Environment for our department, they have provided the necessary elements to support decision-making in Wallonia in the household waste sector. Their reports, of high quality, are also on our website, available to the public!


Their added value lies mainly in lifecycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis, areas in which they have accumulated impressive experience, fed by the different sectors in which they have worked.


They are eager to achieve results, which translates into great perseverance on their part and reassuring reliability for the customer. They maintain an active relationship with their clients, for example by sending us information or stimulating exchanges, beyond what is strictly expected.


I particularly recommend them for the evaluation of waste and product policies, as well as for life cycle assessment and cost-benefit analysis.


Their qualities? I find them competent, proactive, friendly and patient!”

Pernod Ricard

Carine Christophe, Group Environmental Manager

“We particularly appreciate their high competence in life cycle assessment, a subject that can be particularly technical and complex. The experts at RDC Environment have always been very responsive, they understand what’s at stake for a group like ours.


Quickly adapted to our request, they are pragmatic and they listen to the customer. They are careful to make the tools they provide us as user-friendly as possible, taking care of the interface so that our employees can master them, including the training of end users.


I appreciate their friendliness and the ease of human relations with them, we have established a privileged customer relationship, with a great reliability and commitment on their part.”


Pierre Charlemagne, Managing Director

“RDC Environment has conducted several important missions in recent years for EcoDDS (France), an operational eco-organization dedicated to household specific diffuse waste. If we are extremely satisfied with the work carried out, it is mainly because they convinced us by their strength of proposal, the forward-looking vision and the new ideas they submitted to us. In addition, RDC Environment has a broad expertise, which is based on the highly complementary profiles of their consultants, allowing them to be highly responsive.


We particularly appreciated their ability to combine the field and conceptual aspects, from the sorting of chemical waste to statistical analysis. Their scientific and methodological precision allows reliable processes: stable, comparable and well documented. Thanks to their experience, we can anticipate the evolution and flexibility of the tools.


In the execution of their missions for us, RDC Environment convinced us by their reactivity, availability and adaptability, we quickly have a clear view on the organization and progress of the project. And, finally, the exchanges always take place in an excellent human climate and a friendly atmosphere.


To summarize, I would say that RDC Environment demonstrates accuracy, quality and customer orientation.”


Catherine Lenaerts, Director

“RDC Environment has given overall satisfaction in the various missions we have entrusted them. I find them very constructive in their approach, they constantly try to adapt to the demand. They think along with their clients and, thanks to their extensive experience, offer creative solutions that sometimes come from completely different sectors. This is certainly part of the added value they bring.


Another particularly appreciated quality is their perseverance. They maintain privileged contacts with the various stakeholders, including in a complex sector such as ours where it is not easy to enter the zone of confidence of our interlocutors.


In summary, I would describe the consultants at RDC Environment as rigorous, persistent and constructive.”

Testimonies independently collected in April 2017 by Springtime Brussels.