Our team
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Our team

RDC Environment’s team is composed mainly of civil engineers, bioengineers and economists, all of whom are environmental experts. Scientific quality is our first asset. Several employees began working at RDC Environment as interns at the end of their studies and were subsequently hired.


The team spirit at RDC Environment is reflected not only in the collaboration of people in carrying out the studies, but also in everyday life with many activities in the office and extra-professional activities such as “Thursdays middays” during which everyone comes to present the projects they are working on, the celebration of birthdays, and numerous outings between colleagues. “Happy together” is another way of expressing the “team spirit” value.

Bernard De Caevel

Owner - Managing Director

Frédéric Michel

Waste Experts | Administrator

Céline Alexandre

LCA Expert

Maxime Dupriez

LCA Tools Expert

Tom Huppertz

CBA Consultant

Kristel Praet

Consultant | RH Assistant

Marc De Vos

Senior Consultant

Elisabeth Van Overbeke

Senior Consultant

Isabelle Descos

Senior Consultant

Mélanie Coppens

Senior Consultant

Johan Lhotellier

Senior Consultant

Nelly Saakian

Project Assistant

Mathilde Le Bihan


Xavier Logel


José Rafael Dulbecco


Katelijne Haspeslagh


You ?

Want to join our team?