RDC Environnement | Frédéric Michel
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Frédéric Michel

Waste expert | Director

Déchets | REP | Benchmarking | Economie circulaire

Frédéric is a French economist, with a degree from Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) and the university of Brunel (England). He joined RDC Environment in 2009 as head of department Waste and Water.


He has 11 years of experience in consultancy as director of economical-technical studies (at BIPE), specialised in waste management analysis (economic analysis of the flows). His experience allowed RDC Environment to develop the waste activity in a more systematic way, especially with tested methodologies in miscellaneous domains such as practical benchmarking over the world; technical, economical and organizational analysis of waste flows and development of strategies for public government and private companies.


He ensures the quality of the work of the teams, participates in key meetings, analyses results, formulates the principal conclusions and guides his co-workers.