RDC Environnement | Johan Lhotellier
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Johan Lhotellier

Senior Consultant

LCA | Tools

Johan has a Master’s degree in environmental studies from ISA and FLST, France. He joined RDC Environment in 2011. He has vocational training in the technical aspects of the environment and has completed LCA training. During this journey, he visited many industrial plants.


At RDC Environment, Johan’s role as Senior Consultant combines his understanding of LCA with his expertise in waste studies.


He worked many times on the evaluation of different end of life treatments to achieve benchmarkings or environmental assessment of these treatments. Some projects in particular led to the development of environmental assessment tool for non-experts to make them reproducible balance sheets.


He is active in environmental labelling programs in France and Europe (PEF) through the development of sector-specific standards (sports equipment and detergents).


He carried out the “Infrastructure” section of the Walloon Waste Management Plan 2020 and regularly conducts hazardous waste deposit characterizations on sorting, consolidation or treatment sites, offering the opportunity to visit these facilities.