RDC Environnement | Mathilde Le Bihan
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Mathilde Le Bihan


Waste | Benchmarking | LCA

Mathilde is an engineer in chemistry, materials and process engineering, graduated from Chimie Paris Tech. She joined RDC Environment in 2014.


Within RDC Environment, Mathilde worked for both the waste department and the LCA department.


She combines technical, environmental and economic expertise to carry out assessments or prospective studies of public policies in waste collection and management. She has carried out several European and international benchmarkings.


Mathilde is competent to organize and synthesize information and provide recommendations. She also has experience in facilitating participatory workshops.


She has in-depth experience in EoW (end of waste status). She also worked on collection schemes of household waste in France and on the eco-design of electrical and electronic products.


She also worked on a comparative environmental assessment of different techniques of recovering of sludge and manure, taking into account their fertilizing value.