RDC Environnement | Maxime Dupriez
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Maxime Dupriez

LCA Tools Expert

LCA | Tools

Maxime is a bioengineer with a Master degree from UCL, Belgium. He joined RDC Environment in 2012.


He initially worked on studies in waste management, then broadened his skills to include Life Cycle Analysis. He develops sector-specific LCA tools and creates EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for building materials.


Maxime is also involved in R&D work with the aim of automating the conversion of LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) to comply with the requirements of ecoSpold and ILCD formats.


His expertise includes:

  • An understanding of LCA software (databases, LCI formats, and data-processing features )
  • Modelling product life cycles using a sector-specific approach
  • Producing customized interfaces that offer sector-specific tools to meet clients’ needs
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Mapping of geo-referenced data