Biodiversity Footprint Assessment

Our team helps you to evaluate and reduce your company’s biodiversity footprint using the global diversity score (GBS) method.

biodiversity footprint assessment

Understand and Enhance Your Biodiversity Impact

At RDC Environment, we believe that climate change and biodiversity must be tackled together. Our Biodiversity Footprint Assessment service helps your company understand and mitigate its impact, ensuring a sustainable future for both your business and the planet.

In addition to our Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) service, we use advanced biodiversity metrics to provide comprehensive assessments and detailed analyses of your biodiversity footprint, addressing habitat degradation, species richness, and ecosystem services.

Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)

The Global Biodiversity Score (GBS)

The Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) makes it possible to link your economic activities with the main pressures on biodiversity. Our team at RDC Environment helps you to measure the biodiversity footprint of your company or financial players by linking your direct activities and value chain with biodiversity impacts. With GBS, you gain insights into habitat degradation, species richness, and ecosystem services affected by your operations.

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Benefits of RDC Environment’s Biodiversity Footprint Assessment

  • Holistic Impact Analysis

    We assess your biodiversity impacts alongside other indicators like Climate Change and Land Use, ensuring a more robust and systemic understanding of your environmental footprint.

  • LCA

    Using our expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), we thoroughly evaluate and integrate biodiversity with other critical environmental factors, helping you identify and address key areas for improvement.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    Our assessment helps you develop strategies to reduce your environmental impacts comprehensively, guiding you to make sustainable decisions that enhance your overall biodiversity footprint.