Supporting municipalities in developing their local cleanliness plans

As part of the ongoing efforts to improve public cleanliness, RDC Environment, in collaboration with Espace Environnement, has assisted the Walloon municipalities in the development of their local cleanliness plan.

Improve public cleanliness

In its 2017-2019 regional policy statement, the Walloon Government set the general objective of improving public cleanliness and supporting the municipalities, with the aims of:

  • Improving the living environment of the citizens;
  • Reducing environmental impacts;
  • Respecting the hierarchy of waste management of the European framework directive on waste;
  • Giving credibility to public action related to the reduction of environmental nuisances and to citizen responsibility.

Support to help municipalities taking ownership of their cleanliness plan

It is in this perspective that the Walloon Region has mandated RDC Environment and Espace Environnement to support municipalities in the drafting of their cleanliness plan via a program of animation and accompaniment promoting the consistency of local projects subject to regional policy, and theownership of the cleanliness plan by local actors.
Each municipality was granted 8 meetings to help them draft their local cleanliness plan. These meetings were designed to guide communities in setting cleanliness goals and defining indicators to ensure that initiatives are monitored.

RDC Environment has thus enabled some fifty municipalities to validate their cleanliness plan with the Walloon Region.

A new mission to support municipalities in the development of their cleanliness plan has started in 2021!


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