Development of life cycle inventories for DECATHLON

As part of the DECATHLON group’s environmental display policy, RDC Environment has developed life cycle inventories for materials and transformation processes.

DECATHLON, a pioneer in environmental labelling

The DECATHLONgroup, a French group with an international dimension distributing sports and leisure equipment, is a pioneer in environmental labelling in France, having been involved in the process since 2008.

As part of the implementation of the environmental display of its products, DECATHLONhas noted that some of the data required to calculate its environmental impacts are not available via the ADEME Base Impacts® database.

development of life cycle inventories

DECATHLON therefore commissioned RDC Environment to develop life cycle inventory datato enable the assessment of the environmental impact of materials and transformation processes used in the manufacture of its sports and leisure equipment.

RDC Environment collected the necessary data from the literature and from DECATHLON’s suppliers, modelled the life cycle of the materials and processes, and provided the data in a format that DECATHLON could use.


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