Supporting Carmeuse in receiving End of Waste

In 2021, RDC Environment accompanied Carmeuse, a world leader in the extractive sector and the production of lime, in its transition from waste status as part of a waste recovery project in Wallonia. 

From strategy to deposit of a file

The support provided by our teams began with an analysis of the applicable regulations and support for the strategy adapted to Carmeuse’s industrial project (strengths and weaknesses of the different options).

Then, RDC Environment assisted Carmeuse in the elaboration of a file of request for the recognition of the end of status of waste in Wallonia by putting forward the arguments demonstrating the conformity of the valorization project in regard to the regulatory conditions. RDC Environment has, in this context, participated with the client in the exchanges with the administration, which allowed to clarify or to amend the file according to the expectations of the public authorities.

The first recognition decision in Wallonia

In 2022, the company Carmeuse was granted the first decision of recognition of exit from waste status in the Walloon Region.

The project of waste recovery in Wallonia has now started!

Their testimony

“RDC Environment has demonstrated a real mastery of the subject matter (both technical, legal and administrative). RDC has proven skills in terms of project management (proactivity, management of deadlines, use of office automation tools) allowing them to play a key role in the progress of our file.”

Guillaume Burton, Carmeuse


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