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What our experience and technology bring to your organization

Control the impact of your activities in order to make decisions that are in line with
sustainable development. Export reports
automatically fed by the software according to
different templates to better communicate with your teams as well as with your

A solid foundation to build your environmental strategy

A benchmark of environmental impacts

A simplified communication on your environmental performance

A clear overview of your objectives

A space to test your ideas and innovative scenarios

A common tool adapted to your teams to encourage collaboration

How does it work?

A tailor-made model
Our LCA experts will produce an environmental impact model that reflects your activities (your products, your services).

An intuitive and customized interface
We then create your customized interface that will allow you to communicate in a simple and intuitive way using the model, for instant and complete results.

Why Instant LCA?

Available 24 hours a day, online


A methodology in accordance with the requirements of your sector. An assessment and communication materials that comply with the desired
standards and rules.

Quick and efficient use

Quickly get to grips with your tool
thanks to a training of your teams.
An online tool with no installation or
maintenance required on your side.


Initiate discussions with your suppliers and customers. Demonstrate what you do well and collaborate on areas for improvement.


You wish to have the hand on the environmental assessment of your products? The tool accompanies you on a daily basis in the evaluation and
eco-design process. You can also simply communicate on your progress.


RDC Environment develops for you web tools that combine the speed and robustness of calculations with simplicity of use for your teams.
We build interfaces with you to meet your needs.


You enter the key data of your activities in a few clicks, and your environmental balance sheet specific to your products and activities is calculated. Compare scenarios, save, export. All the most practical features are in our Instant LCA™ tools. 

Our instant LCA™ tools

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Food and beverages
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Our tools recognized and used by industries :

Instant LCA Packaging™


This software is used by packaging manufacturers and companies in various industries. Instant LCA Packaging contains an extensive list of materials and can be easily adapted to the logistic circuits of each activity. It is also possible to include LCA or products (e.g. beverage in a bottle)
in the analysis.

Instant BPX Textile™

This Instant BPX Textile / Clothing software has been created for an environmental display on different pieces of clothing. The software is compliant with the French BPX Textile / Apparel standard and uses data from the IMPACTS® database.

Instant LCA PEFCR Beer™

Commissioned by the European Brewers Federation (Brewers of Europe), the tool complies with PEFCR Beer, which is the methodology recognized at the European level for calculating the environmental impacts of beer.

Instant LCA PEFCR Detergents™

This software allows us to calculate the environmental impacts of several products such as liquid laundry soap. Moreover, the methodology used by the tool is based on the Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for this sector developed by the A.I.S.E. and therefore ensures results in line with the PEFCR.

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Our PEFCR-compliant tools

What is a PEFCR-compliant tool?
The European Commission has proposed a methodology for assessing the environmental footprint of products (PEF) and organizations (OEF) as a common way to measure environmental performance. PEFCRs (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) are methodologies for assessing environmental assessing environmental impacts specific to certain products or sectors. These methodologies were developed by a Technical Secretariat comprising individuals and entities representing the sector or product. This is a European project within the framework of the green deal. A PEFCR tool is a guarantee of conformity with your sector and allows a coherent benchmark of the products that make it up.

Questions / Answers

1- Who should use our environmental impact assessment software?

For expert or non-expert companies that wish to evaluate the environmental impact of their products and services.

2- Which life cycle stages are included in our software?

From the extraction of raw materials to the end of your product's life, including the consumption of your factories, the kilometers covered by your products, or the packaging. Together we define the framework for your Life Cycle Assessment.

3- What types of products are covered?

Our software covers a wide range of products: beer, bottled water, packaging, detergents, clothing, lighting, concrete products, eyeglass lenses, ... And we have a tool development methodology that allows us to model many other products.

4- What do our tools produce?

Our tools calculate the environmental indicators of your choice, pre-filled reports, graphical results easy to communicate, the possibility to compare different scenarios studied, comparisons between factories or between suppliers, etc.

5- What to do with the results?

With the results, you can analyze your production/logistics/sales chain, do eco-design, communicate internally and to your customers. We are at your disposal to help you analyze the results.

6- What can be customized?

We can customize with you the calculation model, the default values, the format of the results, the addition of other functionalities.

7- Are our tools compliant with certain standards and benchmarks?

Yes, especially to ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. What does this mean for you? The verification of your results focuses only on the data you enter, since the rest has already been certified to the standards. So it's easier and faster! Do you want to comply with another standard? No problem: since the template was created by our environmental impact assessment experts, they can adapt the tool to your industry standard. 

8- Can I communicate my results?

The tool is compliant with ISO 14040 and 14044 standards. If the parameters of the tool are filled in correctly, the results obtained are also compliant. However, we recommend that our clients have the data they enter into the tool verified if they wish to communicate results to their own clients (B2B). This verification can be done by RDC Environment. In the context of an official comparison with a competitor's product, the 14044 standard requires a critical review by an external panel of experts. RDC can organize this critical review through its network of experts to ensure that you don't have to worry about anything.

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