Waste oil

24 April 2024

Supporting Cyclevia’s Waste Oil Regeneration Initiative

Boosting Circularity in Waste Oils

At RDC Environment, we’re committed to enhancing the circularity of waste oils by improving their quality after regeneration. This dedication inspired us to support Cyclevia in drawing up a call for projects for a new regeneration unit in France.

Developing Criteria for Waste Oil Regeneration Projects

Together with our partner, Artelia, we supported Cyclevia, the Producer Responsibility Organization for the lubricating oils sector in France, in establishing criteria to differentiate project candidates based on technical and economic specifications, including:

  • Input and output specifications
  • Industrial process properties
  • Environmental performance
  • Costs and risk assessment

The call for tender is accessible here.

During this project, we connected with various stakeholders from different countries. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort.

If you need expertise in waste oils, we’re here to help with this intriguing and essential topic.