Sustainability Analysis

The Evaluation of the Three Pillars of Sustainable Development

Evaluate Sustainability

RDC Environment assists you in evaluating the impacts of your organization or your products on the three pillars of sustainable development. The sustainability analysis or cost-benefit analysis can be used for :

  • 1. Pre-Decision Analysis

    Utilize our sustainability analysis before making key decisions to assess risks and opportunities. This essential step aids in selecting and refining the best scenarios for informed, impactful choices in projects, products, or policies.

  • 2. Post-Decision Evaluation

    Conduct a thorough evaluation of outcomes post-decision to confirm if set objectives were met, ensuring your project’s alignment with its initial goals.

  • 3. Policy Efficiency Analysis

    Defining incentive and efficient mechanisms for environmental support, subsidies or taxes.

Sustainability Analysis
Sustainability Analysis

Our expertise

Our team of engineers and economists assists public authorities and the private sector in carrying out sustainability analyses, also called socio-economic analyses or cost-benefit analyses (ISO 14007), using:
Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/44) and the monetization of environmental impacts (ISO 14008)
– Economic Evaluation: cost-benefit analysis
– Social Evaluation: quantification of jobs, impacts on human health and all other effects on humans.

RDC Environment contributed to the development of the ISO 14008 standard – Monetary evaluation of environmental impacts and related environmental aspects.

RDC Environment, in partnership with Bo Weidema, developed a reference method for monetizing impacts on resource scarcity, published in the peer-reviewed journal Resources.

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RDC Environment is a member of:

  • RDC Environment is a member of the NeRSAP network

    This network gathers practitioners of socio-economic analysis (SEA) and alternatives analysis in the framework of the implementation of the European REACH regulation concerning chemical substances.

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  • The Capitals Coalition

    A unique global multi-stakeholder collaboration that brings together leading global initiatives and organizations to harmonize approaches to natural capital.

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