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Electrical and Electronic Equipment


RDC Environment’s expertise in the EEE sector covers the following areas:

  • Environmental analysis
  • Environmental labeling
  • Environmental assessment web tools
  • Environmental declaration
  • State of the art – benchmarks
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Characterization

We provide assistance for electronic equipment:

  • At different geographical levels (France, Belgium, Europe, World)
  • Public authorities (European Commission, ADEME, OVAM), eco-organizations (Recupel), companies (SONEPAR, L’Oréal, Décathlon, Schreder, etc.) and associations (GIFAM, Démoclès)
  • On thematic areas related to the support of environmental labeling of electrical products, repair, traceability of waste from building demolition, the economic viability of a spare parts reuse sector and the environmental, economic and social evaluation of existing collection, sorting and recycling activities.