8 September 2021

Supporting Ecocup®’s eco-design of Reusable Cups for Events

RDC supported Ecocup® in the ecodesign of reusable cups for events through an LCA study, the design of an Instant LCATM tool and the organisation of workshops. 

What does Ecocup® do?

Ecocup®is a French company invested in social economy, that rents and sells reusable cups in France and around the world in various events (festivals, sporting events, etc.).

Ecocup® is committed to continuous improvement in order to promote circular economy and to offer various solutions adapted to different sectors of activity.

Our Support 

In 2019, RDC Environment conducted a life cycle assessment (LCA) study at the request of Ecocup® to compare the environmental impacts of its reusable polypropylene (PP) cup solution against disposable cups made of different materials (PP, polystyrene (PS), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and carton).

In 2020, Ecocup® chose to use the Instant LCATM web tool solution created by RDC Environment in order to be autonomous in the evaluation of the environmental impacts of its cup sales and rental service.

Following this study, RDC Environment has held participative and creative ecodesign workshops in order to support the Ecocup® teams in their approach and to identify, prioritise and select the ecodesign options to be implemented.

A good example of progressive support to an ecodesign approach.