27 October 2021

Analysis of the composition of raw household waste in Wallonia

RDC Environment conducted a characterization of raw household waste (OMB) for the Walloon Region in 2018.

As part of the implementation of the new Walloon Waste-Resource Plan (PWD-R) adopted on March 22 2018, the Walloon Region wished to know the quantity and composition of raw household waste (OMB) collected door-to-door from households.

The analyses carried out were intended to contribute to the achievement of several PWD-R objectives: monitoring and evaluation of the actions implemented, prevention and improvement of waste management.

Conduct of the study 

The analysis of these raw household waste (OMB) was carried out on a sample of 35 municipalities, via 4 campaigns spread over 15 months.

The study was divided into 3 phases:

  1. Determination of the sampling plan: organization of the campaigns, establishment of the operating protocols of collections and sorting.
  2. Operation and supervision of collection and sorting campaigns to ensure data quality.
  3. Analysis, extrapolation and interpretation of results.
The results of this characterization are available in the study’s public report.